Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crossword Puzzle in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Revenue Act of 1913

Myles Mellor presented this crossword puzzle to Tax Note Today yesterday in honor of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Internal Revenue Code. As you may know our federal tax code was born as a result of the 16th amendment to our constitution and it's having its 100th birthday March 31.
The solution will be posted in my next Blog.
Let’s see how many you get correct!
1 Revenue aka tariff, in 1913
3 Demographic segment not affected by the initial introduction of income tax
6 Represent (2 words)
10 Put your ___ in, add comments and opinions even when not asked for
11 Victory
13 Oft-repeated Republican demand in relation to taxes
14 Latish lunch hour
16 Dodging Uncle Sam
17 "Cogito" follower, therefore in law
19 Congressman who introduced the first modern income tax bill
21 It's taxed a lot in Vegas
23 Credit card initials
24 Mark Antony wanted it lent
26 Conditions
29 Hall-Rabushka tax type
31 Applications
32 Tough tax stand, ___ Tea Party (2 words)
33 IRS enforcement options
34 Quibble
37 Harvard deg.
40 Very rich
42 Chip or sky
44 1913 amendment
48 "Gronk" is a famous one, abbr.
49 Bar tenders?
53 His opposition to the 1913 constitutional amendment didn't fly
54 __LA, Berkeley, etc.
55 Most heavily taxed demographic
57 Wilson demanded it for tariffs
58 40 go-with
59 Those in favor
1 Number cruncher
2 Added up
3 "Bull Moose" Party
4 Have back taxes
5 Smallest st.
7 Socialist's distinction but a lawyer likes to win with it
8 Oft-stated goal of taxation
9 Tax-cutting Gipper, first name for short
12 FDR program (2 words)
15 Impatient demand
18 Scold severely
20 Mistaken
22 Formerly the Bureau of Internal Revenue
25 Poet Housman's initials
27 Peyton's little brother
28 Snitch
30 Iceberg feature, figuratively in an investigation
31 Unjustified
35 10 of them are about 6.2 mi.
36 Preliminary hearing transcript, for short
38 Accepted the bait
39 Issue pink slips
40 Government collection
41 Top baseball player who had to settle tax evasion charges in the '90s
43 Like some blows
45 Tax increases
46 Bit of dirty campaigning
47 Slice some fat off the budget
50 Perfect service in court?
51 Get the facts wrong
52 Gamecocks' state
53 To taper or not to taper, first name
56 Height, for short